Ray Lewis

While many former ‘Canes had great games and better numbers during Week 2 of the NFL season, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens stands out for one play.

On fourth-and-two in the final minute at San Diego, with the Ravens leading by five, the Chargers had the ball at the Ravens 15 yard line. Lewis blasted through the line and tackled Darren Sproles, arguably one the fastest players in the league, for a four yard loss to clinch the win.

Rodney Harrison, of NBC’s “Football Night in America,” called it “the greatest play of Ray Lewis’ career.”

Baltimore offensive coordinator Cam Cameron told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King after the game, “you couldn’t believe it when you saw it. First the speed of the play. You can’t appreciate how fast Ray was going and how hard he hit Sproles unless you were there live. But that play was so big in the game, and to have Ray make it as powerfully as he did. Just amazing.”

The photo of Lewis above is from the 1995 season with the Hurricanes.

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