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11th Day of ‘Canes-mas

James Jackson rushes upfield during the 2000 Gator Bowl against Georgia Tech, 10 years ago tomorrow.


10th Day of ‘Canes-mas

Hurricanes Football head coach Randy Shannon poses in the studio before the 2009 season, with a retro look applied in Photoshop during post production.

9th Day of ‘Canes-mas

The 2009 Miami Hurricanes Women’s Tennis team poses with a little swagger for their poster shot at the Neil Schiff Tennis Center. I use this poster as a reference for my other clients to emulate, with varying degrees of success.

Below is Claudia Wasilewski, posing in the studio.

8th Day of ‘Canes-mas

This HDR image of Alex Rodriguez Park was shot the day after opening night of the 2009 season. An HDR image is actually several images of different exposures merged together giving a greater dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods.

7th Day of ‘Canes-mas

This shot of Hurricanes Men’s Basketball head coach Frank Haith, Anthony King and Anthony Harris was used on the 2007 Men’s Basketball media guide cover. It was shot in the BankUnited Center using one White-Lightning 1600 strobe on the floor with a 30º grid, with no catwalk strobes and no curtain. The strobe was cranked up to its highest power setting, overriding the available light in the building to such an extent the background appears totally dark.

6th Day of ‘Canes-mas

While I prefer to stay as low to the ground as possible while shooting sports, sometimes other perspectives make for interesting images. When the Hurricanes played in Miami Arena, the catwalks above the floor perfectly aligned with the baskets, so mounting a remote camera above the rim was possible.
When the BankUnited Center opened in 2003, the catwalks were configured differently than the old arena, thus eliminating the direct overhead view. Last season I mounted a camera over the Hurricanes bench and captured a strategy session during a timeout.

5th Day of ‘Canes-mas

Jack McClinton poses during photo day before the 2008-09 season. The BankUnited center installed huge black curtains which can be lowered to hide a majority of the seats and to create a more intimate feel to lesser attended events and basketball practices. Using one as a background, I shot with four Speedotron lights in the rafters and one White-Lightning brand light on the floor level for fill. Jack did the rest.