Jeremy Shockey

FSU’s Wide, Wide World

“This is the one game I came here for, the one game every UM football player came here for, to beat the hell out of Florida State,” – Miami LB Jordan Futch, 2010.

The Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles meet once a year, and despite what the haters say, the match-up is often the most anticipated game in all of college football each season.
Last season’s battle between the two in-state rivals drew a stellar 5.1 U.S. rating and 8.4 million viewers on ESPN. The 2006 game was the most viewed college football game in ESPN history, averaging  6.3 million households for a 6.9 rating.

“At the start of the fourth quarter, we knew we were the better team. But they knew they were going to win.” – FSU LB Kirk Carruthers, 1991.

One reason for those ratings might be the five games in a 12-season span in which the game came down to 18 feet 10 inches, the distance between those two metal poles in the back of the end zone called uprights on a goal post.

“I think the curse is they’re on our schedule. They’re going to chisel on my tombstone, ‘At least he played Miami.'” – FSU Head Coach Bobby Bowden, 1991.

Below is a brief history of those five games.

Wide Right I – 1991
In a rare in-season #1 vs #2 matchup, ‘Canes running back Larry Jones gave Miami a 17-16 lead on a 1-yard touchdown run with three minutes to play.  FSU kicker Gerry Thomas missed a 34-yard field goal to the right with less than a minute remaining, and a legend was born.

Wide Right II – 1992
FSU kicker Dan Mowrey missed a 39-yard field goal to the right, and the Seminoles lost to the defending National Champion Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl Stadium in Miami, 19-16, in a four hour marathon. This game is also notable among the Hurricane Nation for Micheal Barrow’s brutal hit on FSU’s Tamarick Vanover.

Wide Right III – 2000
In Miami’s Orange Bowl Stadium, the ‘Canes took a 27-24 lead after Ken Dorsey threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Shockey with 46 seconds to play, then FSU quarterback and eventual Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke promptly moved the ‘Noles into field goal range during the final seconds. FSU kicker Matt Munyon missed a 49-yard field goal attempt to the right, knocking the defending National Champions’ from the #1 spot in the polls.

Wide Left I – 2002
In Miami’s Orange Bowl Stadium, the defending champion Hurricanes took a 28-27 lead with only minutes remaining in the game on a 11-yard touchdown run by Jason Geathers with a little over five minutes remaining. Once again, the ‘Noles drove down the field to give kicker Xavier Beitia a chance to win the game with a last second field goal. Beitia missed the 43-yard attempt to the left, giving the ‘Canes the victory.

Wide Right IV – 2003
In the 2004 Orange Bowl Classic, played in Pro Player Stadium, FSU kicker Xavier Beitia missed a 39-yard field goal that would have given the Seminoles the lead with just over five minutes remaining in the game, and the ‘Canes prevailed 16-14 in the second meeting of the two teams that season.

Vince Wilfork


‘Canes Help Saints to Super Bowl Victory

Former Hurricanes greats Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey became the 14th and 15th ‘Canes to earn both Super Bowl rings AND National Championship rings as the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 last night in Super Bowl XLIV.

Shockey also became the 9th former ‘Cane to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl with his 4th quarter TD catch. The ‘Canes lead all schools with nine Super Bowl TD’s. Notre Dame is second with six. Alabama, Auburn and Texas? Nada, zero, zilch, none.

Here’s the list of Hurricanes scoring a TD in a Super Bowl:
Bill Miller, Oakland (Super Bowl II x2)
Pete Banaszak, Oakland (Super Bowl XI)
Ottis Anderson, New York Giants (Super Bowl XXI, XXV)
Michael Irvin, Dallas (Super Bowl XXVII)
Jimmie Jones, Dallas (Super Bowl XXVII)
Duane Starks, Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl XXXV)
Devin Hester, Chicago (Super Bowl XLI)
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis (Super Bowl XLI)
Jeremy Shockey, New Orleans (Super Bowl XLIV)

Here’s the list of Hurricanes with a National Championship ring and a Super Bowl ring*:
Quarterback Bernie Kosar (1983, Super Bowl XXVIII)
Running back Keith Griffin (1983, Super Bowl XXII)
Defensive lineman Kevin Fagan (1983, Super Bowl XXIII, XXIV)
Receiver Michael Irvin (1987, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
Punter Jeff Feagles (1987, Super Bowl XLII)
Offensive Lineman Kipp Vickers (1989, 1991, Super Bowl XXXV)
Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork (2001, Super Bowl XXXIX)
Defensive end Daniel Stubbs (1987, Super Bowls XXIII, XXIV)
Defensive back Robert Bailey (1987, 1989, Super Bowl XXX, XXXV)
Defensive tackle Russell Maryland (1987, 1989, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
Wide receiver Kevin Williams (1991, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
Linebacker Darrin Smith (1989, 1991, Super Bowls XXVIII, XXX)
Defensive tackle Jimmie Jones (1987, 1989, Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII)
Tight end Jeremy Shockey (2001, Super Bowl XLIV)
Linebacker Jonathan Vilma (2001, Super Bowl XLIV)

*active roster players only

Jeremy Shockey

Jeremy Shockey led the Saints with four catches for 105 yards, including a career long 66 yarder, during the New Orleans Saints’ big 46-34 comeback victory over the Miami Dolphins Sunday.